Thursday, October 28, 2010

"It's my first Blog!"

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to begin this blog.  I have always wanted to just encourage others or even post life's experiences in this type of format and now I am!  I am 28 year old woman that has experienced many different things in life.  Many moments of despair, loss and tragedy BUT GOD has turned that all around. I was raised in a Christian home with parents that followed Jesus Christ.  Even though we were rooted in Christian principles doesn't mean my life always exemplified Christ's. Oh NO! One might say well forget about that chick.

To continue on, I must say God has always had his hand on my life. Even though during my teenage years and yound adult life I did not serve him, HE still loved me enough to give me another chance.

Growing up I had many self esteem issues as well as Daddy Issues.  This may seem all in the same but as a young girl I never felt the tender love of a Father and did not think highly of myself.  The two things that I did know about myself was that I was smart and athletic.  But when it came down to being validated those two didnt make the cut. 

My Father was present in the home and we did many things together but I did not feel special and I often saw much abuse from him towards my Mother. This made me so bitter for so long.

I am no longer bitter thanks to God transforming me and showing me how to forgive my Father.

This is just a small taste of what KT Speaks will discuss. 

Please stay tuned, I plan to share many different journeys and lessons I have learned along the way. Anything that I share, go ahead and tell someone about it, I am transparent.

See ya soon,